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Instagram: how to publish incredible photos with VSCO?

Are Instagram filters no longer enough for you? There are now better ways to improve your photos and impress your friends.

Instagram filters photo editing

Are you looking at your friends’ Instagram posts and wondering how to make such beautiful photos? As summer approaches, we all want to surprise our subscribers with our photos at the beach, at a festival … or even in front of landscapes that we hope are magnificent. There are tips to easily embellish your shots, starting with the VSCO application.

Once installed, you will be asked to create an account. If the app offers a paid option at this time, simply tap the cross at the top left of the screen to skip this step.

On the main screen, VSCO offers you to subscribe to streams of people. Go directly to the studio, by clicking on the third icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, as desired, take a photo or click on ” Import your photos“.

VSCO import photo

Once the photo has been taken or imported, tap on ” Edit your photo“. The software will then offer to manually modify your image or to use already existing filters (note: some filters are chargeable).

Instagram VSCO photo filters

Once the modifications are finished, you can click on ” Record“At the top of the screen to save a copy of the modified image. If you want to share it in another application (Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter more simply), click on the ” Download at the bottom of the screen“.

vsco instagram interface

Finally open your gallery or filmstrip to find the modified image. Note that on Android, the gallery folder is vast. If you don’t find your creation in the first galleries, look in the folder ” Other “Then in the folder” VSCO“.

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