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Instagram: how to know who is blocking you?

Are you no longer able to follow some of your favorite Instagram accounts? They may have blocked you. There is a very simple way to check this mishap … and maybe fix it.

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It’s weird: on Instagram for some time, you haven’t heard from DarkAngel64. You have to wonder if he wouldn’t have blocked you! Yes, but how do you know who refuses to allow you to access their content on Instagram? The method could not be simpler.

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Open the Instagram app and look for the name of your contact in the search engine. Even if this person’s profile is set to private, it will still appear in the search engine. However, if its profile does not come out, blocking may be the cause.

To find out, go to the page of one of your common acquaintances. If possible, choose the profile of a person you both know well. Look at your mutual friend’s posts and then try to find a like or comment from the person you suspect has blocked you. Once found, click on its name. If the profile does not appear while information such as the number of posts appears at the top of the page, you have been blocked. Sorry!

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There is another method if you know your friend’s exact nickname. You can also go through a search engine and type: “Instagram” + your friend’s nickname, his name may appear in the list of results. Click on the link and perform the same verification as in the paragraph above.

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