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Instagram: how to download an IGTV video?

Would you like to watch your Instagram videos offline? Or modify them? It’s easy !

download video instagram

IGTV (or Instagram TV) is Instagram’s video publishing platform. Would you like to download an IGTV video but don’t know how to do it? There are several solutions to achieve this, here is one of the simplest.

From the IGTV application, tap on the “three small dots” at the bottom of the video then click on Copy the link.

video instagram download
copy video instagram

Then go to the Thumbtube website. In the field provided, copy the link of the video previously retrieved via the IGTV application then click on Download. After a short while, the video will appear on the screen. Then click on the blue button Download video, under the video thumbnail, to start the download.

instagram direct download

On some browsers (Firefox in particular), the video will simply display in full screen. Press the CTRL + S keys to save the video on your computer, it’s done.

Be careful not to abuse this feature when using your mobile plan. For example: on the video used for this trick, three minutes of downloading consumed 35 MB of data. So prefer a wifi connection to download your videos.

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