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Instagram CEO explains why company hasn’t yet developed an iPad app

logo instagram flat 1000x684 The CEO of Instagram explains why the company has not yet developed an app for iPad

Instagram on iPhone has undergone many changes and has received quite a few new features in recent years. However, a version of the iPad app is not yet available. In response to a question from users this weekend, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, has explained why the company has not yet deployed an Instagram app for the iPad.

According to Adam Mosseri, the reason Instagram has only one version for iPhone is that the company doesn’t have the resources to develop for both platforms. He explained that Instagram has “a lot to do” and that all of this is apparently more lucrative than a version of the iPad app. We would like to create an iPad app, but we have very few people and lots of things to do, and that hasn’t been the best thing yet. ”said Mosseri.

Now it remains to be seen if a version of the Instagram app for iPad is on the company’s roadmap. However, you can download to use the Instagram app for iPhone on iPad, but be aware that it is not optimized for the tablet.

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