Instabridge: free wifi, everywhere, for everyone

Instabridge: free wifi, everywhere, for everyone

Are you constantly outperforming your mobile data volumes? You pray to find a network SFR WiFi FON or Free Wifi each trip? And if I told you that one app does all the work for you: Instabridge not only finds all the free WiFi networks around you, but also does it all over the world! So we say goodbye to bills extension and reduced connections and hello the miraculous application.

The principle of the application is simple: as soon as you open Instabridge, you access a list of open WiFi networks, to which you can connect. Most networks are locked, but the password is displayed even when you click on the network.

instabridge city teaser
Instabridge allows you to find free Wifi hotspots anywhere in the world. Instabridge

You can also see on a map the exact locations of the routers – useful if you are a little too far to capture it.

So it's the same principle that peer-to-peer here, if we download, we seed. So of course, the application encourages you to make the change of your room and share in return your WiFi network for my sorrows out there.

The app encourages you to make change in your room and share back your WiFi network

A decision is revolving, if you ever feel really slow. Which in fact is unlikely to happen.

In an interview, one of the co-founders told us that every day thousands of new networks are added to the common pot, and the coverage is improving day after day.

In France, it is still quite unknown, and is therefore all the more effective in large cities. And in the meantime, do not hesitate to run the word and share this article! The revolution is on.

Do it knowingly

Be careful when sharing your network however: they could still be used by malicious people. If it is less disturbing for private networks of cafes, bars or restaurants, Hadopi will not be able to save you if an illegal downloading has been repro.

It will weigh the pros and cons, but I will be of confidence to my neighbor: we share more things with strangers, Blablacar, Couchsurfing, Air'bnb and it goes rather well. So why not be optimistic?

Instabridge – Free WiFi Passwords and Hotspots
Install on Google Play

And if you really want to protect yourself, ban certain websites, or share your WiFi for only a short period of time. You can also ban peer-to-peer, for example.


Instabridge has not stopped a quality service: developers have not forgotten the experience user experience, its minimalist design is successful, and the ergonomics of the app is well thought and very practical.

If you have a small mobile internet package or no home WiFi, Instabridge and its free WiFi comes point named. For me, without a doubt, the best use of Instabridge will be abroad, without any rights of access!

Are you convinced by this app? Would you be willing to share your WiFi network to benefit from that of others?

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