inside the Apple headquarters

inside the Apple headquarters

Several dozen photos taken inside Apple’s headquarters are circulating on the web. Website Apple Gazette spent his time looking for them for finally unveil them as a condens.

The entrance to Apple's headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino DR

It is strictly prohibited to take pictures inside the Apple headquarters. And yet, several photos taken inside buildings circulate on the Internet more or less anonymously. Indeed, these photos are mostly found on galleries Flickr, Picasa and also on blogs. Who are the people behind these photos? Presumably people who had an appointment at Apple for various reasons (collaboration proposal, freelance developers, internship students, etc.) and who wanted to immortalize their passage in one of the most secret and watched places in the world.

In this condensed photo, however, there is no need to look for photos of laboratories where we can distinguish Apple engineers working on future revolutionary products. No, what is rather proposed here, these are photos of the interior of the various buildings where we can see the reception of the address 1 Infinite Loop, office corridors adorned with quotes from the late boss of Apple Steve Jobs, meeting rooms, photos of the laboratory (revealed during AntennaGate) to test the cellular signal of iPhone and iPad 3G / 4G, cafeteria / restaurant and rest areas reserved for Apple employees. The opportunity to discover an inaccessible place where everything is in place so that Apple personnel can work in the best conditions and safe from possible leaks.

Recall that Apple staff will be moving from its campus in two to three years to a new gigantic building, saucer-shaped, which will also have the distinction of being revolutionary.

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