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Thanks to its tagging device, Inky is particularly effective for managing several projects in parallel. Its handling will not suit everyone

If you are an avid user of tags within Gmail, then you will love Inky. The mail client actually uses labels excessively to offer particularly flexible email management. Getting started may however confuse some at the start.

The tags may relate to the content of messages, to senders or to the presence of attachments. Each group of criteria therefore forms a Bollean type request that can be personalized using a specific color and icon. In use, Inky will therefore allow you to easily find exchanges on different projects in progress.

On Android, the mobile user can perform gestures resulting in actions on each of the messages. The editor also ensures compatibility with connected watches equipped with Android Wear

The application also analyzes messages. Thus all mail with a postal address will be grouped together and present a map to enlarge. Inky does embed the MapQuest programming interfaces. The software will also be able to locate all of the package tracking information.

The company promises the upcoming support of PGP type encryption, while simplifying its implementation. It will therefore be possible to send secure and signed emails.

For the configuration of Gmail, iCloud and messaging, Inky is free. However, you will have to pay 5 euros per month to configure Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, Office 365 or generic IMAP accounts.