Infinity Blade: success continues

Infinity Blade: success continues

Epic Games is revealing some numbers today regarding its successful Infinity Blade series. ChAIR's game has reportedly grossed over $ 30 million, while its sequel has so far grossed $ 5 million. Impressive figures for what is often considered “the most beautiful game released on iOS”.

Epic Games, well known in the video game industry for its graphics engine “Unreal Engine” used in many projects, but also for series like Gears of War or Unreal, had bought the small studio ChAIR Entertainment a few years ago. Since then, ChAIR has released a few titles on various media. But it’s undoubtedly the Infinity Blade that made the most headlines.

The group has released some sales statistics for the series today. Thus, the first episode would have reported more than $ 30 million in all. A really impressive figure when you know that ChAIR is a very small studio… Its sequel has benefited from a start with a fanfare since the second component has already brought in $ 5 million. In addition, there are 2 million receipts from merchandise and other goodies, and, we imagine, future receipts for the graphics engine. Needless to say, the interest of Epic for iOS is not likely to fall!

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