Induction charging would not be good for our phones

Induction charging would not be good for our phones

Apple NewsIn recent months, the big trend around our smartphones and small devices is wireless charging. Indeed, the latest models on the market allow recharging by induction, and therefore do without the often annoying cables.

But what about the battery life in these cases? Should we worry about our iPhones? Because, if you have already tried technology, you know that the phone heats up, with more or less intensity …

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Induction charging, not such a good idea?

Researchers from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom have attempted to answer this question by carrying out a few tests and by publishing a study on wireless charging.

As a reminder, the induction works thanks to a copper coil present under the charging station, which then produces a magnetic field allowing prowess.

The researchers therefore captured the overheating caused during a recharge thanks to a thermal camera, and this, on an iPhone 8. For comparison, when you recharge your phone with a cable, the temperature reached is around 27 C, while with wireless charging, the latter reaches … 33 C.

Worse, if your device is badly placed on the station (with a certain offset for example), the temperature can show up to 35.3 C for a duration of 125 minutes against 55 minutes for a "normal" recharge.

As a result, the researchers are unanimous and recommend a wired recharge to considerably increase the lifespan of your device. Also avoid using it during recharging … because it increases the production of heat.

How do you charge your iPhone?

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