Bloodborne test: the nugget of roleplaying on PS4?

indie video to launch the PS4 exclusivity

Scheduled to be released in a few days exclusively on PlayStation 4, Bloodborne presents itself as the new game from the Japanese studio FromSoftware. The latter has marked the minds of players in recent years because of his work on Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and its sequel, known for their particularly difficult difficulty.

Bloodborne - 8Bloodborne will follow the heritage of its elders, however abandoning the dark fantasy atmosphere to focus on a universe with Victorian inspirations.

The new video marks the upcoming launch of this title which will be played solo, but also in public cooperative multiplayer or by means of a password to select its partners.

In addition to the campaign planned by the development team, the title will offer chalice dungeons which will allow the distribution of randomly generated levels to ensure surprise in the long term.

Remember that Bloodborne will be marketed on March 25, 2015 in Europe, exclusively on PS4.