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India: Apple to open help center for iOS app development

Apple inde - Inde : Apple va ouvrir un centre d

Apple inde - Inde : Apple va ouvrir un centre d


Posted: May 23, 2016
Updated: May 23, 2016

by benjamin

India is certainly one of the most popular territories for the apple firm today. Besides, she does not hide her interest in this country where the sale of her devices is prospering.

After announcing the creation of a factory dedicated to the manufacture of iPhone and the establishment of three Apple Stores in India next year, it now plans to create a center for development and design iOS applications. According to the press release Apple, the center in question will be located in Bangalore and its opening is scheduled to start in early 2017.

Apple India - India: Apple to Open Help Center for iOS App DevelopmentThe intention of the Cupertino company is here to support the talents of local developers and help them improve. She also wants to develop the iOS developer community already in the country and help it grow.

Thus, a team specially sent by Apple will provide advice and lessons in this center as soon as it opens. There will also be weekly meetings and personalized meetings to better provide assistance and guidance to developers. With Apple projects abounding in India at the moment, it is very likely that more will arrive in the coming months.