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India: Apple Stores Could Finally Open

logo apple inde - Apple souhaite toujours produire des iPhone en Inde

logo apple inde - Apple souhaite toujours produire des iPhone en Inde


Posted: June 7 2016
Updated: June 7, 2016

by benjamin

India’s interest in the apple firm is enormous. The latter did not fail to demonstrate this by establishing several projects for the country and planning to install physical shops there. However, the demand was initially declined by the Indian government (read: Apple Store: Tim Cook would not have convinced the Indian government). To be able to open Apple Stores there, the Californian giant had to subject 30% of production to local manufacturing.

logo apple india 1024x527 - India: Apple Stores could finally see the light of dayAccording to the new information released by ETTech, the ban is said to have been lifted and Apple could eventually open stores in India. Indeed, an agreement would have been found between Apple and the Indian Minister of Finance. The agreement in question would allow the Cupertino brand to take advantage of a two- or three-year free pass for the aforementioned rule.

If this rumor were confirmed, it would be excellent news for Apple which had already lost all hope of being able to settle in India. Moreover, this also constitutes for her an open door for the realization of its various projects since the firm could take advantage of this short period to align itself with the standards imposed by Indian law and thus stay there definitively.