In 2016, more tablets than laptops?

In 2016, more tablets than laptops?

Image 1: In 2016, more tablets than laptops?MSI S20: Ultrabook and tablet

A study led by the NDP Displaysearch claims that in 2016 sales of shelves will exceed that of laptops. The gap between these two devices should then widen to the advantage of the iPad congeners.

In 2012, 208 million laptops will be sold against 121 million tablets, mostly iPads. In five years, the market for Laptops would generate a turnover of 393 million euros against 416 million euros for that of tablets.

Analysts believe the high penetration rate of laptops in Europe, North America and Japan will be the cause of this turnaround. A metamorphosis of the market similar to that experienced by desktops compared to laptops a few years ago.

To that, NPD Displaysearch adds that the differences between tablets and laptops today will fade over the years. Considering that Ultrabooks will soon gain touch screens that will work perfectly with Windows 8, we can only agree with this.

Image 2: In 2016, more tablets than laptops?