improve the graphics via a mod, video comparison

improve the graphics via a mod, video comparison

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The community of fans of Half-Life 2 has frankly put online on Steam a mod for Half-Life 2 which allows to significantly improve the rendering of the Source engine of the game of 2004, ensuring additional visual effects. A comparative video shows the differences.

After a memorable first installment released in 1998, Valve gave us the benefit of a Half-Life 2 also very successful eleven years ago. The title now shows a slightly outdated graphic rendering, but it is now possible to slightly improve its visual rendering.

Half-Life 2 - graphic mod - 3 "height =" 129 "width =" 229In fact, the game's fan community recently posted a mod for the game on the Steam download platform at this address, proposing to add several additional visual effects while fixing some residual bugs left by Valve.

The comparative video below gives you an idea of ​​the little novelties that focus mainly on the management of more complex light, richer shadows or even more detailed water with immersion effects.

This may make you want to (re) embark on the adventures of Gordon Freeman.

Half-Life 2 - graphic mod - 1 "height =" 141 "width =" 250 Half-Life 2 - graphic mod - 2 "height =" 141 "width =" 250