Impots.gouv2.14.0 is the official application of the Directorate General of Public Finances which allows you to consult your tax documents, declare your income, pay your taxes and modify your profile. Payment by flashcode is a good feature to simplify the process.

Also available on iOS, is the official Android application for accessing your personal online space on the tax website. Secure and reliable, it is an official application developed by the Directorate General of Public Finances.

How does the app work?

To start and after installation, users must enter their fiscal identifiers, this is the fiscal number and password. It is also possible to connect more easily to your account by scanning the flashcode found on the declaration or the last tax notice. To do this, you must authorize the application to use the smartphone or tablet camera.

Once the connection to the account is successful, a menu displays the different functionalities of the application:

  • View tax documents from the last three years with the option of saving them in PDF format on the device or sending them by email.
  • Access your source tax with a detail of direct debits, upcoming deadlines and additional information.
  • Declare your income in a few seconds. If the individual has no modification or addition to make to the bank details or to the pre-filled declaration, it is possible to connect to the application, check the declaration and validate it with ease.

  • Pay your taxes eligible for online payment. To do this, simply scan the flashcode available on the tax notice to be paid, check the amount, correct it if necessary and validate your bank account. It is enough to validate to confirm the payment of the tax.
  • Access online payment history with details of the latest tax notices paid online.
  • Edit your profile and update their e-mail address, telephone number, postal address, identifiers and dematerialization options.
  • Create and modify payment contracts. It is possible to design a monthly payment contract and direct debit at the end of income tax, property tax and housing tax. For monthly payment contracts, it is possible to create one for the modification of the bank account, for the refusal to spread the balance, for the declaration of non-taxation, for the suspension of monthly withdrawals or for the termination of the contract. Similarly, for direct debit contracts at maturity, the application allows the creation of contracts for the modification of the bank account, the modification of the amount of the direct debit, its refusal and the termination of the contract.

A simple application to take in hand

Against all expectations, the application works well, is fluid and very simple to use, thanks in particular to its sober and intuitive interface. It allows quick access to all these tax documents, its online profile and past deadlines. We appreciate the quick link on the home page to buy tax stamps, but regret the lack of online support in case of problems.