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Imminent start of production for iPads 5?

Imminent start of production for iPads 5?

iPad 5Digitimes is certainly the most active site in terms of rumors. In principle, some never happen. Nevertheless, the site has already got it right and the last announcement could correspond to the usual calendar of Apple. The iPad would be in production very soon, for a launch in September.

In addition to mentioning fairly precise dates, Digitimes gives a lot of information on the specifications of the fifth generation of iPad. Not to be taken for official data.

Here is what the article explains very specifically. The iPad 5 would have more or less the same screen as its little brother (Retina 2048×1536), but the ice would be 0.2 millimeters thinner and its internal functioning would be slightly different.

There would also be a single LED for lighting, while there are two on the latest version. Overall, the latest model should be 25 to 33% lighter.

We can already imagine the ad.

Cross our fingers so that there are a few more innovations anyway.