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iMessage Comes To Android Via Chat App To Rule Them All

Beeper is shaping up to be the ultimate chat app. Developed by the founder of Pebble, a brand known for its connected watches, this app has the particularity of grouping together 15 instant messaging applications, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, Signal, Discord or even iMessage. According to the creator of Beeper, iMessage would in fact be accessible to users on Android, Windows and Linux.

beeper imessage
Credit: Beeper

The idea of ​​being able to enjoy iMessage on Android is not a new one. Already in 2016, a developer had created an application called Pie Message which precisely made it possible to use Apple’s messaging service on Android. For its part, the Apple brand had also mentioned the idea during the presentation of iOS 10 in 2016.

Finally, the project fell into oblivion… Until now. Indeed, a new application could finally allow users on Android, Windows and Linux to take advantage of iMessage. This app, called Beeper, aims to bring together around fifteen instant messaging services in a single app.

Beeper, finally the app that will allow you to use iMessage on Android?

Behind this ambitious project is Eric Migicovsky, founder and CEO of the Pebble brand, known and recognized in particular for its connected watches. As a reminder, Pebble was bought by Fitbit in 2016. With Beeper, Eric Migicovsky therefore offers the ultimate chat application since it brings together WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Slack, Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Facebook Messenger or even Skype and Telegram .

The most intriguing, however, is the integration of iMessage. As you know, iMessage is only available on Apple devices and Apple’s app remains a benchmark in instant messaging. Thanks to “a trick” as Eric Migicovsky likes to say, Beeper should allow Android, Windows and Linux users to take advantage of iMessage.

In a FAQ available on the Beeper site, we find the details of this “cunning”. If you have a mac permanently connected to the Internet, it is possible to install the Beeper application for mac and use it as a gateway. As a reminder, AirMessage is based on exactly the same concept.

The principle is simple: the server part installed on your mac directs messages from and to the client application installed on your Android smartphone. And what if you don’t have a mac on hand? Obviously, Eric Migicovsky has the solution. Developer ready to send jailbroken iPhone with Beeper installed to act as a gateway for Beeper users in “need”. To support his point, he claimed on Twitter that he currently has a box of 50 old iPhone 4S in his office, ready to be recycled for Beeper. It should be noted that Beeper is chargeable and requires a subscription of $ 10 per month for the moment.

Source: The Verge