IMac Pro now responds to "Say Siri" command

IMac Pro now responds to "Say Siri" command

From macOS Sierra, Macs integrate Siri into their system. Only, you have to click on its icon or the Touchbar to call it before executing voice commands. Until now, only the MacBook Pro 2018 was able to open with "Say Siri", the iMac Pro is now also compatible with the command.

Manually clicking on the Siri icon to then make a voice request may seem tedious, and it is because the assistant's interest lies precisely in the simplification of the tasks.

If you shout "Say Siri" into a room full of Apple devices, the iPhone, iPad, HomePod and even compatible Apple Watch will answer you. The only compatible computer until today was the MacBook Pro 2018. Now the iMac Pro also includes voice control.

The functionality is available from the launch of macOS 10.14 Mojave a few days ago. To activate it, just go to the tab Siri in the System Preferences and tick the option Detect “Say Siri”.

Only computers with a T2 chip are compatible with the functionality. Older Apple computer models will therefore not benefit in the future.