iMac Pro 2017: 40% faster than Mac Pro according to tests

iMac Pro 2017: 40% faster than Mac Pro according to tests

os-x-el-capitan ipa iphoneThe new iMac Pro will be available tomorrow, but is its starting price at $ 4,999 justified? If we believe the first testers (all professionals in the IT world), yes because the performance is out of the ordinary with a gain of almost 40% in performance compared to a Mac Pro and even more than 100% when we take a "normal" iMac.

To be completely clear, the configuration lent by Apple to the different testers is not the basic one since the iMac Pro in question is equipped as a "mid-range" with a 10-core Xeon CPU at 3 GHz, 128 GB of RAM, 2 TB SSD 3 GB / s and a 16 GB Radeon Vega 64 card. So count 10,000 euros for this machine.

A fighter aircraft this iMac Pro

On Geekbench, the iMac Pro achieves high-flying scores with 5,468 points in single-core and 37,417 in multi-core. To compare with the 3,636 / 26,092 points of the Mac Pro 2013 or 5,751 / 19,667 of a classic iMac.

Developer Craig Hunter even tested the machine under Xcode to see a gain of 30 to 60% depending on the projects to be compiled.

Finally, all video editors say it (including Thomas Grove Carter), working with 8K files is a formality for this iMac Pro which does not row unlike its elders who have more trouble.

Since its creation, the iMac has been the tool of choice for professionals. So when they asked us to create a killer iMac for them, it was with joy that we accepted this very special mission. We have given birth to a powerhouse monster: a super iMac that contains graphics cards, processors, storage, memory and I / O of a performance level never reached on any Mac to date. All this without adding a single millimeter to its iconic all-in-one design. Video editors, 3D animators, musicians, developers, scientists … We are proud to present the iMac Pro. The machine of your dreams. The machine with which you will make us dream stronger than ever.

imac pro 2017 test

Here is the price of the iMac Pro options

  • Basic iMac Pro $ 4,999
  • 18-Core Intel Xeon processor $ 4,000
  • 128GB RAM $ 2,700
  • Pro Vega 16GB RAM graphics card $ 2,000
  • 4TB of SSD storage $ 3,600

IMac Pro Basic Version

The configuration of this black iMac is composed of an 8-core Intel Xeon processor, 32 GB of DDR4 RAM at 2 666 MHz, a 1 TB SSD, a Radeon Pro Vega 56 graphics card with 8 GB of memory HBM2.