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iMac of 2017: a design identical to the current model?


Posted: December 22 2016
Updated: December 22, 2016

by benjamin

These last years, Apple focused somewhat on its range of mobile terminals, which earned the brand reproaches from observers. To reassure fans, his big boss Tim Cook recently promised a technological response (read: iMac: Apple does not abandon the desktop sector). So new ones iMac should land sometime in 2017, but with a design almost unchanged according to rumors.imac apple - iMac of 2017: a design identical to the current model?

The always strategic desktop for Apple

The Cupertino company has a habit of releasing two iPhones (standard model and Plus model) each year. It recently launched a new range of MacBook Pro. For observers, the desktop sector is no longer interested in the brand, the last iMac update dating back to just over a year. In response, the president of the firm had stepped up to remind everyone that the desktop remained important to them, and then announced the development of new iMacs.

Is design not a priority?

According to a reporter from Bloomberg Apple specialist, there will be many new iMacs in 2017. However, these should display almost the same appearance as previous versions. Indeed, design would not be the priority of the brand. True to itself, it will prioritize performance. The new iMacs should therefore include new AMD graphics cards and benefit from the integration of USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) ports.