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iMac: Apple does not abandon the desktop sector


Posted: December 20 2016
Updated: December 20, 2016

by benjamin

Today, the apple brand is best known for its wide range of mobile terminals. Thanks to its iPhone, iPad and MacBook, this one has an important market. It is in the desktop sector that Apple has gained worldwide fame. Paradoxically, it is in this that the company innovates the least now.

iMac Retina 27 inch Apple - iMac: Apple does not abandon the desktop sector

The “very strategic” desktop

The big boss of the Cupertino company reframed his employees with these words. Via an internal memo, Tim cook called them to order after some criticism. According to several observers, Apple has neglected its Mac to prioritize the iPhone. Comments which are clearly not to the tastes of the CEO of the apple brand. This highlights the importance of the desktop sector for the company.

A new range of iMacs in 2017?

Also in the memo, the boss of the firm evokes a certain sheet so. In it, he talks about the upcoming arrival of ” Awesome desktop mac ” In order to silence the critics, Apple must end a long absence of innovations in the desktop sector. Recall that the last iMac was released more than a year ago.