iMac: a new ultra thin and foldable model

iMac: a new ultra thin and foldable model

The iMac range is about to undergo a drastic change in design.

In 2007, Steve Jobs launched the all-new diMac generation. Supposed to succeed the G5 model and its white polycarbonate case, this new iMac sported a screen glass protecting the screen and a chassis composed partly of aluminum and partly of black plastic on the back, as if to recall the design of the new kid, the iPhone.

Only here, 13 years later, it cannot be said that the appearance of the flagship of Apple computers has normally changed, or in very brief detail. In any case, this is a statement that could well change in the medium or long term. Last May, a patent filed the USPTO (American Patent Office) unveiled a brand new iMac.

A completely revised look

It is important to note, however, that a patent does not always result in a successful product. On the other hand, we can, thanks to him, have bits of information on what the engineers of Cupertino think to renew the range.

Thus, the device would be entirely made of glass. So out of aluminum, place a foldable, curved and rather thin glass coating, where the latest generation iMacs were fitted with a rounded rear chassis.

The keyboard would be integral with the screen, with the touch device, whether it is a TouchBar or a Magic TrackPad. The screen would rest on a plinth located at the back which would then include all of the machine's connectors and components. He would also use this base to adjust the height and tilt. Still in the same patent, another sketch would show a dock for MacBook. Indeed, we would insert the laptop keyboard into the notch below the screen in order to benefit from a larger resolution monitor, like a Nintendo Switch, hybrid game console. We would then use the MacBook keyboard to work on this futuristic iMac.

If these patents do not come to fruition in the immediate future, we still expect that the 2020 MacI will have a freshly renewed design, or at least in broad outline.

Florent Erculisse