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iMac 5K: it saves nearly 2000 dollars by improving the components

Buy one iMac 5K high-end in a Apple Store is very (very) expensive: $ 5,299. A YouTuber himself transformed his entry-level model and was thus able to save nearly $ 2,000.

Everyone knows that the apple brand tends to increase prices considerably (and often unjustifiably) between the different models of its products. Between an iPhone 16 GB and an iPhone 64 GB, it costs 110 euros. All brand products are subject to the same policy. Not surprisingly, the iMac 5K is no exception to the rule.

YouTube channel Snazzy Labs has chosen to optimize an entry-level iMac 5K on its own. To do this, the device’s Intel Core i5 processor has been replaced by an Intel Core i7 7,700K. The YouTuber then added 64 GB of DDR4 RAM and a Crucial MX300 SSD with a capacity of 2 TB.

For all this equipment, Snazzy Labs records $ 3,471 in expenses. Note that the costs for dismantling tools are also included in this price. A savings of 1,828 dollars compared to that practiced by Apple.