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Île-de-France: still no Navigo card on iPhone


Posted: May 21, 2019
Updated: May 21, 2019

by Lucie

The RATP is preparing to test its new application: the Navigo Lab. Designed to replace the use of transport tickets by 2021, this service is tested on Android, much to the chagrin of users ofApple.

Continuing the ecological transition and adapting to new uses in Ile-de-France is not easy for the RATP. Transport company to test application Navigo Lab on a panel of voluntary users and device holders Android. All you need to do is bring your smartphone to the train access gates to validate your ticket.

If the project raises the question of safeguarding and protecting user data, it also comes up against the rigor and conservatism ofApple which denies developers access to the NFC chip of iPhone. The component is clamped by the American giant, preventing the application from being written on it and therefore from working.

Apple has still not reached an agreement with the French company, to the detriment of the holders ofiPhone, unable to use the national transport network. Pledge to Apple to find a solution within two years…