IHome ID9 portable station test

IHome ID9 portable station test

The writing of Belgium-iPhone tested the iHome ID9 docking station for you this week. The latter is very practical in terms of transportability and autonomy while remaining in a very reasonable price segment. What about the quality of the sound? Here is our report.


The style of the docking station is very careful while remaining simple and pure: lacquered black and metallic gray. This simplicity gives it a certain class, which moreover reflects the desire of DiHome with its ID9 station: to simplify the use as much as possible, while offering an interface reduced to the minimum.

When powered up, 4 small LEDs light up and flash depending on the state of charge. Conversely, when the station operates via the battery, the 4 LEDs flash depending on the state of the battery. Indeed, the station is equipped with a built-in Li-ion battery allowing the transport and the easy use of it in any place, even where no power outlet is available.


In terms of ergonomics, it couldn't be simpler: A dock that can accommodate any type of iDevice, a power-on button, and 2 buttons for adjusting the volume.

iHome offers 2 applications compatible with the station: a free one (iHome + Sleep) and a paid one (iHome + Radio 1.59eur). iHome + Sleep is the interface for controlling a day-to-day alarm clock (English only) and displays the weather forecast when you wake up. It is also possible to add written reminders to display in the alarm clock or even to set a Nap mode (nap). IHome + radio when it simply offers you the possibility of adding to the functions already mentioned access to Webradios as a music source.

At the rear of the station, there is a power outlet, an auxiliary input in mini-Jack format and a remote switch allowing to activate the use of a wireless remote control (iHome iRz7 not supplied with the station)

The station automatically recharges your iDevices when they are connected to it AND when the station is powered on. Charging is not done when the station is running on battery, so it is essential that it is connected to a power outlet to be able to charge your iPad / iPhone / iPod at the same time.


2 sound inputs available: the dock and the rear jack. the first time, no obvious difference between the 2 inputs in terms of sound quality.

The sound appears very clear, sharp and gives us an excellent impression of spatiality. The station consists of two speakers (stro) located at the 2 ends of the station and oriented towards the outside. This fairly large distance between the two speakers considerably strengthens the stereo effect compared to other stations of the same type where the speakers are located in the center, close to each other.

The station also has SRS TruBass technology; digital signal processing enhancing the presence of bass while clarifying the mids as well as Reson8 acoustic chambers promoting sound rendering.

The RMS watt power per channel is 5, this will not allow you to ignite a dancing evening but in any case to have a good time with friends without having to worry about the sector for food. The station is perfect on a terrace, in a wood or an office and offers a quality of sound that I would describe as excellent for its size. In addition, the station steintes automatically when not in use to conserve battery life.

The +

– Sound quality (SRS TruBass and Reson8 + sound spatialization) – Simplicity– Design– Compatibility – Applications– Battery life – Transportability – Weight– Price


– English applications only – iHome + Pay radio – iHome remote control not supplied


The iHome ID9 station is an excellent compromise between transportability, quality and price. It is reliable, pure in its style and will work perfectly with an iPad, iPhone or iPod, as well as with any audio source having a mini-Jack output. The sound is frankly of good quality and gives us an amazing feeling of spatiality. Very compact, you can take it everywhere and share it with everyone thanks to its built-in battery with a battery life of more than 5 hours. The iHome station is therefore an excellent competitor to other stations of the same type while remaining quite inexpensive.

Price : between 70 and 90 euros

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