iFold: the iPhone 11 Fold concept that makes you want

iFold: the iPhone 11 Fold concept that makes you want

iphone 11 r iconThis is probably the craziest iPhone 11. This new concept imagines a folding version of the iPhone 11 with the Galaxy Fold sauce. It was again the German Hasan Kaymak who used himself and who also owes a superb iPhone XI as well as a striking iPhone 11R.

This time, the designer has concentrated his efforts on a foldable model which will therefore act as both an iPhone and an iPad. As usual, the realization calls for no criticism.

ifold concept iphone xi fold

LiPhone 11 Fold / iFold: convincing enough to buy one?

notch folded, the iFold as it is called in this concept, thus unquestionably recalls the iPhone X and XS that we know. The metal and glass chassis is an old acquaintance, as is the notch at the top of the screen. The latter making 5.8 inches. The rest is also not revolutionary, the buttons are placed in the same place and the important interface elements hardly change. Hasan however had fun placing a triple vertical sensor on the back, a good idea, just like the magnetic port borrowed from the first iPad Pro.

What is important here is that the iPhone in Fold version can unfold to have a screen of 12 inches diagonal, or an iPad Pro precisely. At the same time that you open your iPhone, the interface adapts, making the operation painless for the user.

Finally, the designer had fun with his iFold in white, black and red, just to make it really attractive. It remains to be seen whether Apple will take the plunge one day, the first models from Samsung and Huawei having had a lot of problems and therefore delayed ignition.

We know that Apple likes to stand out and not necessarily go out first on a new sector. In any case, an iPhone capable of transforming into an iPad Pro, made you want (but you dare not imagine the price!).