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iFixit: Repairing a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will be very difficult


Posted: November 17, 2016
Updated: November 17, 2016

by benjamin

Like he usually does, iFixit disassembled the new MacBook Pro with Apple Touch Bar. For this, the company specializing in the repair of high tech devices has used the 13-inch model and obviously, this new laptop will be really difficult to repair. Indeed, the apple company has made each of its components impossible to disassemble.

macbook pro touch bar 13 inch ifixit - iFixit: repairing a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will be very difficult

Yesterday, we saw that the SSD was soldered and that it was impossible to replace (read: MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: the SSD is soldered and cannot be replaced). After dismantling by iFixit, we now learn that the situation is also the same for RAM and processor. They are very well fixed on the motherboard and are therefore not replaceable. Users must be content with the elements that are already integrated into the model they choose.

As for the other components, the scenario is pretty much the same. For the battery, it is firmly glued to the chassis. The Touch OLED bar is detachable, but the operation is rather difficult and risky. Finally, the Touch ID fingerprint reader is connected to the T1 chip and is therefore impossible to dismantle and therefore to change… Repairability note for MacBook Pro 2016: 1/10!