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iFixit dismantled the iPhone 11: what’s in it?

After’iPhone 11 Pro, it’s the turn ofiPhone 11 to pass into the hands of dismantling specialists. iFixit just disassembled the entry-level smartphone fromApple to discover what it hides in its belly…

To their surprise, the iFixit teams discovered that the reverse wireless charging feature is not supported by the iPhone 11. This is bad news for fans of the Apple. Note that the iPhone 11 Pro offers this option.

The dismantling experts welcome the easier access to the battery developed this year by the Apple brand, which offers more than four hours of additional autonomy. During its replacement, there is less risk of breaking the component. Why ? Because there is a strong adhesive tape that fixes the battery. The screen is also easy to remove and change. To repair it, you just need to call a neighborhood repairer. No need to contact the after-sales service of the American firm!

Attention: iFixit indicates that the glass part on the front and back of the phone must be treated with care since it can crack easily in the event of improper handling. As for the repairability rating, iFixit gives the smartphone a score of 6/10, as foriPhone 11 Pro and theiPhone XR.