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iFixit: Apple to start producing new iPhone 4 "without reception problems"

According to the site iFixit, it looks like Apple would have discreetly changed the way it’s making recently sold iPhone 4s that have just been sold. The aim of this process would – without a doubt – be linked to the problem of receiving the iPhone which sows controversy.

The famous site, which does not hesitate to dissect each new device launched by the Cupertino company, received several complaints from users and decided to verify for itself where the problem was located.

It soon became clear that: iFixit, Apple has reportedly started distributing four new iPhone 4 models without any problems with the antenna.

The technicians who carried out the tests were able to note that the first machine produced on the 25th week would well suffer reception problems while the second test model and produced from the 27th week would not suffer any reception problems. Still according to the same source, the Cupertino company would therefore have had time to correct the situation in 15 days in particular by placing a fine invisible layer that would serve as a non-conductive surface when you put your hand on the side surface of the iPhone 4.

now it would suffice to examine the serial number of the recently purchased iPhone to see if it is indeed the model “Rectified”. To do so, simply compare the serial number with the following information:

-Aa ID = Production plant – B = year of manufacture – Week Cc = Production – DDD = Unique identifier – Ee = Color – F = capacity

The iPhone 4 tests by iFixit have the following serial number:

-85025xxxA4S (16 GB device purchased and set aside) -86025xxxA4T (32 GB device used for testing) -86027xxxA4T (32 GB device – rectified)

iFixit promises to repeat new tests in the coming days with new devices and will communicate if new complaints have been sent to them.

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