[IFA] Sony revives Vaio X, an ultraportable Pro

[IFA] Sony revives Vaio X, an ultraportable Pro

Image 1: [IFA] Sony revives Vaio X, an ultraportable Pro

Grilling all manufacturers at the start, Sony is the brand that inaugurated the 2009 edition of IFA in advance with its conference. Today, in Berlin, the Japanese brand has caused a sensation with some by resuming its X series with an 11.1 inch ultraportable.

Small, light, but Atom…

Therefore, Sony revives the spirit of the X505 which had hit the headlines when it was released in 2005. The model presented at IFA 2009 takes its values. Thus, it is sheathed in a carbon fiber shell and uses an aluminum keyboard to considerably lighten the whole.

According to the first information mentioned during the press conference, this X would be built around an Atom processor, dear to netbooks, and would offer 2 GB of RAM. According to Sony, this configuration was only developed for the needs of the show. Hopefully eventually we can find ultra low power processors, just as economical as Atom, but more efficient.

Details in October

On its external specifications, the model presented is equipped with USB ports, an SD port, an Ethernet port, a Kensington connector and a VGA output that is hoped to be HDMI when the machine is released. . The final characteristics of this X will be made public in October.