[IFA] Samsung N130 / N140: the next generation of NC10

[IFA] Samsung N130 / N140: the next generation of NC10

Image 1: [IFA] Samsung N130 / N140: the next generation of NC10

The press conference of Samsung has just ended and it must be said that the Korean manufacturer has not followed its competitors, Panasonic and Sony, in the race for 3D TVs. Samsung was more interested in the netbook sector. Two new kids were introduced: the N130 and N140.

Two almost identical processors

These two models both have a 10.1 inch diagonal slab and share the same main components. Netbook requires, it is an Intel Atom platform that will take orders for the N130 and N140. Two processors will be available: the N270 and the N280. Recall that the difference between the two is simply 66 MHz, to the advantage of the N280. Also, the choice of product will have to be made according to the price difference between the two configurations integrating these CPUs (processor).

7 h 30 of autonomy announced

They will be accompanied by the gigabyte of statutory RAM as well as a 160 GB or 250 GB hard drive (only available in the Windows 7 version of netbooks). Like most of the time, the graphics card is integrated and shares the RAM with the processor. On the network side, Samsung follows the trend and switches to Wifi n and even adds Bluetooth 2.1 in the N140. The second notable difference that the N140 has vis-à-vis the N130 is the size of its battery. We go from a 3 cells (4 h) on the N130 (6 cells optional) to a 6 cells (7 h 30) on the N140. Ultimately, the N140 is the machine that comes closest to its predecessor, the NC10, which propelled Samsung into the best netbook manufacturers thanks to its excellent autonomy. The weights of the two machines are around 1.26 kg.

N510: the Samsung netbook with ION

The N130 is announced for the month of September at € 299. We are still waiting for the price of N140. Also for the month of September, Samsung announced an 11.6-inch laptop in 16: 9 format. The N510 will be based on Nvidia’s ION platform and will therefore benefit from a dedicated graphics card, ideal for gamers and lovers of HD movies. Its price is still expected.