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IDevices at the head of store returns

IDevices at the head of store returns

If iDevices were among the most popular products for Christmas, many parents and grandparents would have been wrong in choosing the ideal Christmas gift. Apple ranks first among the companies for which the terms “returns policy” have been searched on the web.


For Christmas, tens of thousands of teens received an iPhone, iPad, or iPod from their parents or grandparents. But faced with the different models available in stores, many were careful when purchasing. In the days following Christmas, the Apple site came at the top of the list of sites having received the request "returns policy", reports The Telegraph.

Five of the twenty most popular gifts at Christmas last were apple brand products. In the days following Christmas, research into manufacturers' return policies jumped 250% from the same time last year.

Not everyone got the perfect Christmas present”Explains James Murray, an analyst at Experian, who notes that in the eyes of some,“ iPad ”and“ iPod ”are names that can cause confusion …

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(Source: The Telegraph)