Ideapad U350: Lenovo with finesse

Ideapad U350: Lenovo with finesse

Image 1: Ideapad U350: Lenovo with finesse

After the S12, it’s the Ideapad U350’s turn to reveal itself. This new laptop is built by Lenovo does not have the most advanced performance. His tactic: playing the card of finesse.

The choice of components

We can therefore say that the X-Slim from MSI and other Dell Adamos have been emulated. The U350 is therefore only 2.5 cm thick. An honest measurement for a 13.3 inch chassis. Three elements of the configuration will be adjustable.

Thus, there should be a choice between three Intel processors: either a Core 2 Solo, a Pentium ULV with very low consumption or a Celeron. Up to 8 GB of RAM can be installed in the U350 and the disk space can extend to 500 GB. No information about a possible SSD option.

Lightweight, but without optical drive

Note that for its 2.5 cm thick and a weight not exceeding 1.6 kg, this Ideapad does not have an optical drive. Like many manufacturers, Lenovo believes that users are increasingly turning to downloading. Scheduled for the month of July in the United States, the U350 is announced there at $ 650. The European exit should follow.