Ideal Audition offers an iPhone for the purchase of 2 hearing aids

Ideal Audition offers an iPhone for the purchase of 2 hearing aids

iPhoneHere is a promotion drle displayed at Ideal Audition : 2 hearing aids purchased = your iPhone offered. This is what you can read on the home page of this brand, which has 27 stores in France, more than three quarters of which are in Ile de France. Known for its aggressive prices, Idal Audition has not made any friends at the National Syndicate of Audioprosthetists (Unsaf).

The seller of hearing aids relies on business concepts already seen in particular among opticians who often offer gift glasses for the purchase of one or two pairs.

Social security subsidizes iPhones indirectly

The offer ofIdeal Audition is not a coincidence of the calendar. Besides the fact that it is the summer sales, it is above all a question of surfing the wave of the 100% Health of the government which will allow to be equipped in hearing aids without advancing money. The cost is both supported by the Scu and the patient's mutual fund. Suddenly, to attract people Ideal Audition offers assistants connected with an iPhone to pilot them. It is above all this that makes Unsaf jump, this one evoking smartphones at the expense of social security and mutuals. This is the exact opposite of why the public authorities, the complements and the profession concluded the agreement of the 100% health added Luis Godinho, the president of UNESCO.

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An iPhone 6S as a gift

But why an iPhone and not another smartphone? The Parisian has contact Ideal Audition to try to have an explanation. The latter is quite surprising at first:

Hearing aids are often combined with applications that work much better on iOS (Apple) than Android. We want to help those who don't have an iPhone.

In fact, it is rather coherent since Apple has always designed products with a system suitable for the visually impaired and hard of hearing, as well as an MFI program allowing to have fully compatible and verified accessories.

Finally for information, know that this is not an iPhone XS but an iPhone 6S 16 GB. A model from 2015 and whose value does not exceed 200.

What do you think of this kind of practice?