ideal 3DoF simulator with Oculus Rift on video

ideal 3DoF simulator with Oculus Rift on video

Elite Dangerous 3DOF Oculus Rift

One player equipped himself with a real flight simulator for the game Elite Dangerous, offering a unique gaming experience. This impressive installation is highlighted as part of a video that gives mouth water.

Available in final version since last month on PC, Elite Dangerous presents itself as a spatial simulation rich in sensation and possibilities. The title of Frontier Developments and its producer David Braben is currently the delight of fans of the genre on PC, even if it is only playable online at the moment.

Elite Dangerous - 3DoF simulator "height =" 130 "width =" 247Some fans do not hesitate to make a luxury installation to make the most of the software. This is the case of Craig Hyde, a gamer who designed himself a 3DoF dynamic simulator for the occasion, based on a system of jacks.

This allows him to enjoy the best possible riding sensations. To add efficiency, he controls the game using a joystick and is equipped with the famous virtual reality headset Oculus Rift DK2 to track and target enemies on sight. In short, it is a very nice installation!