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ICloud users hit by phishing wave

ICloud users hit by phishing wave

A wave of phishing seems to have affected iCloud and MobileMe users for the past few days, creating some trouble for those who communicated their information to hackers …

Phishing is this peculiar “fishing” technique which consists of sending messages from users of various services by impersonating a person or a company. Generally, managers report the closure of an account or an important update of the contact details of the user, who must then send his information and password by email. The problem is that this information can then be used by the hacker (s) to, for example, use the password communicated on other sites in order to make a payment, an order or any other activity. illgale.

This is what seems to affect in recent days the users of iCloud and Message Me who receive mass phishing messages from a person passing through Apple. Needless to say, mistrust is a must and you should never share your password with anyone, this information being so secure.

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Source: Clubic