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iCloud: new option with 2 TB of storage at € 19.99 / month

iCloud 2016 - iCloud : l

iCloud 2016 - iCloud : l


Posted: September 1 2016
Updated: September 1, 2016

by Nicolas

Apple’s online storage, iCloud, sees a new option appear with the possibility to go up to 2 TB. Unsurprisingly, the option is not given. The brand did not wait for the conference on September 7 to announce this development of iCloud. However, it may be accompanied by other innovations in the coming days.

iCloud 2016 - iCloud: new option with 2 TB of storage at € 19.99 / monthSo for users who need a lot of cloud space, iCloud now offers a 2 TB option for 19.99 euros per month. This early development is not so innocent. Indeed, two new products are expected on September 7. Firstly there is iPhone 7 in 256 GB version and some will want to save the stored items. Then, macOS Sierra to Launch Cloud Storage. These are the elements present on the Office and in the folder Documents which will be placed in iCloud Drive. The 5 GB free that Apple offers may then be very quickly consumed.

Even if the offer is attractive for owners of iOS mobiles, users who need space in the cloud for their files will be able to turn to cheaper offers like OVH’s Hubic (25 GB free, 10 TB for 5 euros). per month). But it’s true that iCloud does more than just backing up files to the cloud with the photo library, files, family sharing, Apple Music (without occupying space), contacts, calendar or even iPhone location function.