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iCloud: data stored at Microsoft and Amazon

iCloud: data stored at Microsoft and Amazon

According to the site Infinite Apple, Apple would use Microsoft and Amazon-owned servers for its new iCloud service. The situation would be temporary, while waiting for its large data center, located in North Carolina, to be operational.

It's been a week or so since Apple announced – with great fanfare – the arrival of its new iCloud service that the Cupertino company intends to make its workhorse in the field of remote data and synchronization. If this new service is focused, above all, for products branded apple (even if it is not an exclusivity), Apple, it would currently use servers stored at the competition for beta testers of the 'iCloud. The cause is simple, Apple’s North Carolina data center wouldn’t be ready. "A matter of months", is advanced by the same source.

Microsoft and Amazon are currently taking over.

Data storage outside Apple was discovered by processing communications when sending images between two iPhones. Links to BLOB (Binary Large Object) storage revealed that Windows Azure (Microsoft) cloud servers were used while the same source also revealed to have communications to the cloud servers offered by Amazon.

Here is the sequence of the different stages of the process according to Infinite Apple:

– A user begins an image transfer. – LiPhone sends an authorization request to the iCloud server. – Obtaining the authorization is accompanied by a BLOB link which indicates the iPhone where to send the data. – LiPhone connects this link and stores the data there. – LiPhone sends to the iCloud server a successful transfer notification.

A temporary situation?

While Apple seems to be using competitive servers for the use of its iCloud service, the latter is currently in the beta stage such as the new firmware version iOS 5. It will probably take several months for everything to be ready and for data currently stored on “foreign servers” is likely to be transferred to the large data center in North Carolina. Recall that Apple said at its last press conference that the new iCloud service is expected to be fully operational from the fall.

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(Source: Infinite Apple )