iCloud: Apple denies hacking hundreds of millions of accounts

hack apple - iCloud : Apple dément le piratage de centaines de millions de comptes


Posted: March 27 2017
Updated: March 29, 2017

by benjamin

It is by a press release thatApple Responded to threats from hackers threatening to deactivate hundreds of millions of accounts iCloud, as well as iPhone and iPad. After making several checks, the apple brand said its systems have not been compromised.

In the morning of last Wednesday, Motherboard reported that a group called ” Turkish Crime Family Threatened to delete some 559 million iCloud accounts. Hackers also claim to be able to remotely deactivate the brand’s terminals, notably the iPhone and iPad. The group of hackers is demanding from Apple a ransom of $ 75,000 in Bitcoint currency or $ 100,000 in iTunes gift cards before April 7, adds the online magazine.

Apple hack - iCloud: Apple denies hacking hundreds of millions of accountsThe ” Turkish Crime Family Would have gotten hold of a list of identification codes and passwords. ” There have been no violations in our systems, including iCloud and Apple ID “Said an Apple spokesperson to Fortune.

The Cupertino brand reassures its users about the integrity of its servers, and that the latter are effectively protected against this kind of attack. However, the firm recommends updating the passwords to choose the most reliable ones…