iCade, a miniature arcade machine for your iPad!

iCade, a miniature arcade machine for your iPad!

For April 1, 2010, ThinkGeek’s had made believe that an arcade machine was going to be marketed to be able to connect the iPad and play famous games in the history of video games. It turned out that it was an April fool who would never see the light of day. Too bad because at the time, this arcade machine in a reduced model had been taken seriously.

But the general surprise, ThinkGeek’s, in partnership with Ion announces that iCade for iPad will see the light of day. It is a large docking station for the apple tablet. The buttons on the arcade machine will be functional thanks to a Bluetooth connection.

The iCade will be available in the spring of 2011 for a price of 99. To top it all off, and to fall back into the mood of the 70s, Atari announces that titles, including Asteroids, will be available to make the most of this arcade machine.

We discuss it on the forum.

(( Engadget )