iAd launched this week in Europe

iAd launched this week in Europe

According to Financial times, Apple is about to launch its “iAd” advertising strategy this week in Europe. The launch is said to have already been delayed twice but has nonetheless attracted the interest of a few major brands such as L'Oral, Renault and Nestl, several of whose advertising campaigns have already been planned and will run until the end of the year.

As a reminder, the launch of iAd in the United States has resulted in opinions for the least mitigated. In question, the investment is important for advertisers and especially the Apple technical team responsible for the creation of these campaigns which is not yet fully developed and would suffer significant delays. Thus brands such as Chanel and Adidas would have finally given up going through Apple's services in view of their advertising campaigns with large budgets.

However, the first "iAd" advertising campaigns launched in the United States are welcomed by advertisers because they arouse greater interest. Indeed, the click-through rate would be 8 10 times greater compared to “simple banner ads”.

Recall that the Cupertino company is currently preparing the deployment of a new team “IAd” whose offices will be located in New York. No less than a hundred people would be recruited for this effect.

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