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I cannot connect my Android smartphone to the WiFi network. What to do ?

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wifi connection impossible android

Using your WiFi connection to browse the Internet or play a streaming video on your smartphone offers many advantages. The connection is not only faster, but also more stable and above all without data limits. Unfortunately, connection problems can arise at any time. Here are some ways to solve them and use your mobile phone calmly.

Disconnect your WiFi connection

The simplest and fastest solution is to deactivate and reactivate the WiFi network on your smartphone. On the Home screen, slide your finger up and down to bring up the notification bar on your phone. Then double tap the WiFi option. The connection can be restored instantly. In most cases, unfortunately, this is not enough.

android smartphone wifi button

Reset your WiFi network

If your WiFi connection is faulty, some information linked to it may be incorrect or corrupt. To reset them, return to the notification bar and long press (more than two seconds) on the WiFi icon. The list of available WiFi networks is displayed. Select the one you are using, again by long pressing on it. In the freshly opened window tap on Forget or Edit network. Finally, reconnect to the WiFi network, entering all the necessary information and your password.

modify wifi smartphone network

Relaunch your internet box

Sometimes the source of an unsustainable connection is actually a hardware problem. The maintainer is often your router. So start by restarting your modem or internet box. Unplug for a few minutes and then turn on again to see if the connection is restored. If despite all your efforts, the problem persists… proceed to the same operation with your smartphone.

Is the proxy configured correctly?

If you use the WiFi network in a public space (for example in a school, a university or a company), your internet connection probably goes through a proxy. This intermediate machine is responsible for securing the network and censoring sites contrary to the charter of this public space. Here, to unblock your WiFi access, you will need two essential pieces of information: the name of the server and the connection port. Ask the network administrator or the person responsible for the public space concerned.

You just have to configure your smartphone so that it takes into account said proxy. Follow the path Settings> Wireless > Network name > Manage settings > Show advanced options > Proxy. Fill in the parameters obtained, password included.

smartphone wifi proxy

Unblock your MAC address

If the problems persist after all these attempts, it is very possible that your MAC address, that is to say the physical identifier of your hardware, has been blacklisted. When using the WiFi of a friend, neighbor or family home, make sure that this address is one of those authorized to access the network. If necessary, share it with the network administrator. To find it, go to Settings > System > About the phone > State> MAC address and retrieve the identifier.

mac address smartphone

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