Des centaines d'épisodes d'anime Jump maintenant gratuits à regarder en ligne dans la campagne de lutte contre les coronavirus

Hundreds of Now Free Anime Jump Episodes Watch Online in Coronavirus Campaign

The heroes of A room, Dragon ball, Narutoand many others are there to keep you company Protect yourself from coronavirus.

Otaku in the world knows the manga editor Shueisha Jump brand, especially through its flagship product Weekly Shonen Jump, the largest comic anthology in the world. But did you know that Jump also has its own YouTube channel?

Although it is generally focused on previews for the next Jump series manga chapters and volumes collected, right now, the Jump channel also offers free viewing of hundreds of full anime episodes for anime adaptations of Jump manga, as part of her special Spring Kids Support project. The chain quickly points out, however, that despite the name, the service is not only for children, but for People who find it hard not to be able to leave the house as Japan continues its social distancing coronavirus countermeasures.

The complete project consists of more than 80 titles, including all-time classics such as A room, Dragon ball z, and Naruto. In addition to the archtypal action rate like Bleach and Saint Seiyathere is also the wacky comedy in the form of Gintama and Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, sports stories like Eyeshield 21 and Kakero ring, and even often ignore successes of yesteryear like Dr. Slump and Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin.

A partial list of what is available:BleachBobobo-bo Bo-boboDragon ball (Z, Kai, Great)Dr. SlumpEyeshield 21Ginga: Nagareboshi GinGintamaLyce KinengumiKochi KameMidori no MakibaoNarutoNinkuNisekoiA roomReborn!Kakero ringRurouni KenshinSaint SeiyaTsuide ni TonchinkanWhistleGlobal triggerYu Gi Oh!

Hundreds of Now Free Anime Jump Episodes Watch Online in Coronavirus Campaign

With many of these series spanning hundreds of episodes, you may be wondering how the jump chain expects us to get out of our way long enough to eat, bathe and perform other basic functions. life. However, rather than making the entire series available, the channel presents a selection of key episodes for each, between five and 20, depending on the series, but always at least the first three consecutive episodes, which many fans consider crucial in deciding whether a series is for you or not.

In a sense, it is an appropriate presentation, given that the Jump manga anthologies are bundles of short bursts from stories of a variety of stories. In another semi-parallel: the Jump chain does not have a full list of anime from the special Spring Kids Support project in one place, so you will have to browse the chain, found here, just like flipping through the pages of a print magazine.

Oh, and if that is not enough to keep you occupied in one way or another, there are always all of the anime from Kyoto Animation that are now free to watch online too.

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