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Humor: McDonald’s parodies Apple in an advertisement

mc donalds apple parodie - Humour : McDonald

mc donalds apple parodie - Humour : McDonald


Posted: February 20 2017
Updated: February 20, 2017

by Martin

If you follow Apple for a few years now, you should know that the Cupertino company always uses the same codes in its advertisements. A feature that has earned the brand to be parodied many times by its competitors, comedians or other companies in various fields.

mc donalds apple parody - Humor: McDonald's parody Apple in an advertisement

After Cyprien (read: Humor: Cyprien parodies the presentation of the Apple Watch by Tim Cook), it’s the turn of the American fast food giant McDonald’s to make fun of Apple. For the release of his new straw “revolutionary”For a new dessert (the Chocolate Shamrock Shake), McDonald’s official YouTube channel posted a video on YouTube titled “Creating the STRAW”.

We discover Jeffrey Roy, who you guessed it replaces the designer of Apple Jony Ive and his particular accent. Man presents this new straw “Magic”, And details how it was designed by McDonald’s with aerospace engineers. He ends his presentation with the full second degree sentence: “Look, it really works”: