Humor: Apple would launch two iPhone models in 2011?

Humor: Apple would launch two iPhone models in 2011?

There is no doubt that Apple will introduce a new generation of iPhones to us in the summer of 2011. But at the moment we do not know exactly what the Cupertino company will hold for us.

To stay fairly out of touch with current rumors (dual-core processor, better antenna, iPhone CDMA, etc.), Cult of Mac offers us a rather funny vision of the next generation of iPhone prepared by Apple. So, it would be no less than two fifth generation iPhone models that could be considered: The iPhone Play and the iPhone Air

The current generations of iPhone are quite expensive and Apple would therefore like, with these two models, to satisfy the smallest budgets.

Thus, the iPhone Play would be the mid-range of the future generation of iPhone, taking a shell resembling the design of the current generation of iPod Nano and available in several colors. The iPhone Air, meanwhile, would take a finer design, with an aluminum shell

There would be no major differences in the hardware of these two iPhone models, in order to make life easier for developers.

What would be your vision for the fifth generation iPhone?

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( Cult of Mac )