An application that we would have liked a little more versatile and capable in reading files that the user can have on his storage space but very simple and useful, however.

French OVH may not be as well known as Orange or Free, but the ISP does offer an online storage service called hubiC that deserves to be known.

Typically similar to a Dropbox, but offering free access to a considerable storage space of 25 GB. Equipped with a web interface of childlike simplicity, the service also provides the user with a synchronization tool for computer and a consultation tool for smartphones.

If the application “does the job”, simple and effective, we can not help comparing it to the excellent Dropbox application and blaming it for a little long latency when loading photos (due to the setting a little chick) as well as not to integrate any multimedia player however small it may be.

The application therefore allows only “pure” management of files and folders (additions, download, publication, renaming, deletion) in addition to viewing photos.