Huawei wants to offer Harmony OS on other smartphones

Huawei is developing its own operating system on its smartphones in order to circumvent the embargo imposed by Donald Trump in 2019. Richard Yu, the CEO of the brand, said that other Chinese manufacturers could also use this new OS if they do so. wish.

The Mate 40 Pro 5G

Huawei is in a difficult situation. The manufacturer is indeed unable to collaborate with American companies following the embargo imposed by the Trump administration in 2019. If Android is still present on its smartphones, Google’s software suite is absent. To give itself a fresh start, Huawei wants to develop its own operating system: Harmony OS. Presented last September, Harmony OS 2.0, a new OS which would still be based on Android, should equip Huawei smartphones from 2021. With such a platform, the manufacturer would be self-sufficient, offering its operating system, its online store and its selection of applications.

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Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei, wants to go even further. According to a statement relayed by Huawei Central, he indicates that he is ready to supply the Chinese manufacturers with this new OS in order to reduce their dependence on Google services. Manufacturers banned from the United States are affected by this appeal, but not only.

Could Huawei compete with Android?

The embargo weighed heavily on Huawei, which will continue to see its sales plummet in 2021. To try to stem the bleeding, it must therefore adapt. Offer your home OS as a serious alternative to Android instead of running it alone on its own might be the long term solution.

However, the operation is already proving difficult. The market is crushed by the two mastodons as are Android (72% of PDM) as well as iOS (26% of PDM). The various alternatives (Tizen, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS) have all failed to establish themselves over the last ten years. Huawei still has a huge strike force, especially in China, to offer this new serious alternative (which it would have done well). However, it remains to be seen what form this new OS will take and whether it will succeed in attracting other Chinese manufacturers in the future.

As a reminder, Huawei continues to market its smartphones internationally, such as the recent Mate 40 Pro that we tested recently. The Huawei P50 should be unveiled to him in a few weeks.

Source: Huawei Central