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Huawei steps up spy attempts to copy Apple


Posted: February 20, 2019
Updated: February 19, 2019

by Steve

Donald trump, the President of the United States, seems to have well-founded doubts about the Chinese giant Huawei. As a reminder, the US administration had arrested Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Huawei, because it would have circumvented the US sanctions imposed on Iran. Today, the equipment supplier is at the heart of new suspicions, this time of industrial espionage.

According to facts reported by The Information, Huawei notably organized the job interview for a former employee ofApple. During which Chinese officials would have harassed him with questions about the future projects of the apple brand. ” It was obvious that [Huawei] was more interested in Apple than in my hiring “Said the interviewee.

huawei - Huawei multiplies spying attempts to copy Apple

Huawei would also try to approach the employees of Apple’s production lines, in order to extract some information on the components of the Cupertino company. The Chinese brand asked them to draw and describe these electronic elements. Huawei employees also stole the hinge diagrams from the Macbook Pro. If the first manufacturer they asked did not want to develop it, because it recognized the component initially created by Apple, a second subcontractor was much less attentive. The result MateBook Pro, whose hinge is very similar to Macbook Pro

A set of shenanigans that could well harm, once again, the image of Huawei … And at the same time, improve that of Apple, for its capacity for innovation.