Huawei presents its foldable 5G 2300 smartphone

Huawei presents its foldable 5G 2300 smartphone

It was as part of a conference held at MWC in Barcelona that Huawei presented its Mate X, its own vision of the foldable screen smartphone.

Mate X 7Mate X 1

And the terminal has nothing to envy to the Samsung Galaxy Fold presented a few days ago. Recall that the Galaxy Fold also offers a foldable screen, but it folds inward, like a book. Once folded, the terminal still offers sensors on the back and a smaller screen on the front (4.7 inches).

Mate X 2Mate X 4

At Huawei, the system is taken upside down: the terminal folds outwards and one part of the terminal is a little thicker on the back. This system allows on the one hand to offer a better grip of the device, but also to better accommodate the flap to lock it in place. It is also on this part that we find the USB port as well as the cameras.

Mate X 3unnamed

The Mate X thus offers a large 8-inch panel that divides into two 6.6-inch screens. The tablet mode will obviously offer better comfort in surfing the web, playing video or consulting photos while once folded, the terminal can be easier to use for photo or storage.

This type of configuration is primarily oriented towards multitasking and Huawei announces that it can manage two applications simultaneously on the same screen. We can thus watch a video on YouTube and Netflix on one side while enjoying a chat window at the same time.

Huawei has demonstrated an interesting feature: the selfie mode which allows, with the screen down, to see yourself directly while operating the main camera.

Huawei Mate X 01 Huawei Mate X 02

Huawei Mate X at MWC 2019

The Mate X is announced as 5G compatible and its price has been mentioned: € 2,299 for Europe. Whether it is the Galaxy Fold or the Mate X, these terminals are above all test shots for brands, their price does not direct them towards the general public for the moment and they are rather intended to confirm the innovation potential of the two brands to reap record profits.