Huawei P50: a preview of the design and photo sensors leaked before the presentation

While Huawei’s P50 is due to launch within a few weeks SlashLeaks shares what appear to be the first two photos of the front and back of the smartphone. The opportunity to discover its design but also some information on its photo sensors.

Huawei p50
Credit: SlashLeaks

Our colleagues at SlashLeaks share what seem to be the two first images of the design and photo sensors of the Huawei P50. The Huawei P50 will thus be a screen-smartphone with virtually no borders. The selfie sensor would thus be hidden in a punch that we guess on the upper left corner of the screen.

There does not seem to be any question of a selfie sensor hidden under the screen yet, even if the technology exists and several manufacturers are fighting to be the first to include it in a consumer smartphone.

First look at the Huawei P50

At the back we discover a set of photo sensors gathered in a fairly large rectangle, implemented on the upper left. We can guess a total of 5 lenses on the back : four are in the same alignment on the left while a fifth sensor is housed in the right part of the assembly, below what appears to be a succession of dual LED flash and single LED flash.

Huawei p50

Credit: SlashLeaksAlso read: Huawei P50 should be the last smartphone with a Kirin processor

Below we can guess two strange devices (infrared?) Which could evoke a dedicated ToF depth sensor and advanced autofocus. As for the precise technical sheet of the sensors, we can guess an inscription “VARIO-SUMMILUX – H 1.1: 8 – 3.4 / 19-125 ASPH” . We can also read the LEICA brand (with which Huawei has been in partnership for several years) and the text “Let It Go” (Let it go / let it go / Relax).

It is impossible to know at this point if this is a prototype or the final design of the smartphone. Finally, note that the color of the photos is not necessarily indicative of their color, these images being highly compressed, and, obviously, a little pushed in the contrasts and brightness to bring out the details. A priori, the smartphone should run on a Kirin 9000, with the new HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system and the EMUI 11 overlay.

It will not be possible to install the Google Play Store there. or more generally the Google applications requiring the Google Mobile Services suite to function. Huawei has nevertheless planned a few alternatives such as the AppGallery application store or the PetalMaps mapping application.

Source: Slashleaks